Bridal Show History In The Making

Late last year, we teamed up with WestGate Academy in Odon, Indiana, to begin planning the first ever Southern Indiana Wedding and Prom Expo at their location. Previously, Michele (our Event Planning Specialist) had conducted a popular bridal show in Bloomington and grew it exponentially over three years. Now, we are redefining the traditional bridalContinue reading “Bridal Show History In The Making”

F.A.R. From Ordinary

Ellyn first reached out to Sincerely Yours about halfway through her planning process. Being in Boston and in the midst of a pandemic, getting wedding stuff done was becoming an issue. We were so happy to jump in and be Ellyn’s ground force in Bloomington and get things moving. At first, Ellyn and Grant hadContinue reading “F.A.R. From Ordinary”

A Walk In The Wilds

It has been such a blessing having Brooke and Justin in the Sincerely Yours Family! Like so many in 2020, their day was postponed and they were faced with the challenge of moving their celebration to later on in the year. COVID-19 has put such a huge wrench in the wedding industry in just aContinue reading “A Walk In The Wilds”

The Planning Prerogative Unleashed!

We’re starting a new blog today. How exciting is that! So, Sincerely Yours Weddings and Events started a blog a few months back. But now, after partnering with the oh-so-amazing Premier Events, we are combining and moving up in the world. Hence, The Planning Prerogative is born! With that said, welcome to our blog! WeContinue reading “The Planning Prerogative Unleashed!”