Blessinger Entertainment, Where Music Creates Memories in Bloomington, Indiana

Welcome to another vendor spotlight post! This month, we are featuring Cole Blessinger with Blessinger Entertainment. Man, I can’t even remember how long we’ve been working together now, probably around two or three years. Cole is one of my go-to DJ’s when I’m recommending and planning! Read on to learn about this awesome dude andContinue reading “Blessinger Entertainment, Where Music Creates Memories in Bloomington, Indiana”

Give Me Some of Those Farmhouse Cakes!

I don’t even know where to begin on writing this blog. Not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I have SO MUCH to say about this AMAZING cake artist!! So, here goes, I’ll just start! Meet Alison… Alison is such a beautiful soul that I had the pleasure of meeting and nowContinue reading “Give Me Some of Those Farmhouse Cakes!”

Photography Spotlight in Bloomington, Indiana!

So, guys! We’ve started a new monthly activity where we feature a vendor on our blog for our “Vendor Spotlight” series! How exciting is that, getting to know the most amazing wedding professionals and why they do what they do?! First up, we have Blue Lace Wedding Photography, LLC. We had the pleasure of workingContinue reading “Photography Spotlight in Bloomington, Indiana!”