Give Me Some of Those Farmhouse Cakes!

I don’t even know where to begin on writing this blog. Not because I don’t have anything to say, but because I have SO MUCH to say about this AMAZING cake artist!! So, here goes, I’ll just start! Meet Alison…

Alison is such a beautiful soul that I had the pleasure of meeting and now working with! Her creations are so amazing and the passion behind what she does is even more incredible. And get this, her business started with a 1st Birthday cake! Her daughters to be exact. She wanted to make a new tradition of making all of her birthday cakes so she stacked and designed her first smash cake, and today it’s one of her signature cakes!

Before becoming a cake master, Alison attended Indiana University where she studied Therapeutic Recreation. She fell in love with helping the psychiatric population! For ten years, she worked in an acute psychiatric unit in a local hospital, facilitating psycho-educational coping skills.

Alison even remembers the exact date her cake business came to mind. On the evening of July 20th, 2018 she looked over at her husband and said, “I’m going to create social media pages to display my cakes and see what happens.” His response was, “Choose a name and let’s make a website!” That following week, Alison booked her first customer and everything took off after that!

We asked Alison what owning a small business meant to her and she said,

“Owning a small business to me means that I can have professional aspirations as well as being a stay at home mom. I’ve built my business around my kids, so that I don’t have to miss anything. I am truly having my cake and eating it too!”

We wanted to get a little more insight on a typical work day for Alison and any rituals she takes part in! She said taking the kids to daycare and answering emails while the oven preheats is pretty much it!

Farmhouse Cakes is different from other businesses because it is the first home-based bakery in Monroe County to be approved by the county and state. Alison feels proud to have paved the way for her community and loves seeing all the home-based bakeries grow!

Alison describes her work as “Artistic, rustic, unique, delicious, and bohemian.” – Yes, Alison, we totally agree with it all, but especially the DELICIOUS!

Alison’s favorite part about what she does is that her profession is a creative outlet, and she is very much a creative at heart! As I mentioned before, I have had the blessing of getting to work with Alison, so I was eager to hear what her favorite part was about weddings! She said, the décor and inspirations behind it. She loves seeing the bride and groom’s personalities come out in their wedding décor choices. Each wedding is such a unique experience!

Now, aside from being a professional cake baker, we wanted to get to know Alison a little bit more! Remember when we said her signature cake was actually the very first cake she made for her daughter’s first birthday? How cool is it that Alison’s little girls are the muse to her cake decorating and her inspiration behind her small business! Who knew creating cakes for your little ones could lead to an amazing career!

If Alison wasn’t a cake baker, she’d probably revert back to working in Recreational Therapy again, since it still holds a special place in her heart!

On an off day, Alison is your average stay at home mom. Staying home with her kiddos is the ultimate goal right now! I definitely feel you on that one! You gotta soak up time with them while they’re young. Along with spending time with her kids, who doesn’t love going shopping or out to eat on their off day! One of Alison’s favorite places to shop is Simply Primitive; she loves the owner and everything they have to offer! With food, Bloomington has so many diverse restaurants with such yummy food, it’s impossible for her to just pick one!

For Alison, two little girls just wasn’t enough! She’s looking forward to her upcoming maternity leave and bringing another sweet baby into this world!

” I would have a dozen kids if I could and I’m so incredibly lucky to have this business while raising tiny babies. It’s truly a dream come true for me!”

Check out the links above for all the ways to get in touch with Alison and request your next beautiful cake!! We can’t wait to see what she’ll be designing next, so go like and follow all of her pages to stay in touch! <3

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