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Here we are, back at it again with our monthly “Vendor Spotlight” series, this time featuring a one-of-a-kind florist!

This month we are focusing on Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings. I have been working with Cathy for about four years now back when I moved to Bloomington! Cathy is a master of her craft and the Queen of the most amazing floral designs!

Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings is a Full Service Wedding and Event Florist. They have extensive knowledge of floral décor and all things weddings and larger events. From the initial consultation, they give their couples the special attention their wedding day deserves. They customize every wedding as well and have done just about everything, from Classic to Modern, Contemporary to Bohemian, Funky, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s… the list goes on but experience counts! Cathy and her team create custom designs using only the best quality flowers, greeneries, and natural or botanical elements. They also have a studio full of rentals, from rustic to classic to modern. Glassware, candelabras, tableabras, arches/arbors, gold, silver, iron, vintage, a variety of votive cup styles, chargers, and much, much more. They are known for their full service weddings, however they can arrange smaller, simpler weddings to either be picked up or done with a simple delivery. All budgets and styles are worked with!!

Check out some of her work below:

Cathy started her own business back in 2000. She is a 2nd generation florist, as her father was also a florist. Cathy says, “I literally grew up in a flower shop!” Previously, she worked with Jay Ellis in the late 70’s in Bloomington and it was in the mid-90’s when she had her first interaction with a wedding planner who inspired her and knew that is where she wanted to shift her work! After many thought she couldn’t be a Wedding Planner and a Florist at the same time, she has successfully done both for 20 years now!

Growing up, other than playing in her dad’s display window, she really was not interested in the floral business. She played in the shop, but could make more money at our local brickyard! After attending IU for a year she decided to join her dad’s business and attended a Floral Design School in Denver, Colorado. From there, her burning passion to create the most unique and breathtaking arrangements took off! Her dad passed away and her mom sold the business, which is when Cathy went to work for Jay Ellis. As Jay grew his business into a larger rental and event company, they began doing large events; not only in Bloomington but all over the state and into Kentucky. This is where Cathy gained her experience with larger events and her passion for weddings!

Future Florist in the making

Cathy is now a certified Wedding Planner with The Association of Bridal Consultants, which was included in her plan to depart from the retail side of business.

What sets her business apart from the rest? Her dedication to serve her couples and clients with integrity and quality service! We asked Cathy what her favorite part of her job is and this is what she had to say:

“I always thought it was about the people. Working with our couples and clients. I have always loved working with and teaching my interns, several continued to work with me for a while before moving on. I am now doing their weddings. I realized when we turned off our coolers last spring, when our events came to a halt for a couple of months, I missed working with the flowers tremendously! Creating and working with the flowers is on the list!”

A typical work week for Cathy and her assistants seems a bit hectic! On Monday’s, they travel to Indy to pick up flowers and supplies. This includes cutting and processing the flowers. Depending on their work load, they may bring back up to 15-20 boxes of flowers, demanding hours of process work!

Tuesday’s are prep days! Along with a ton of other preparations some of this work may look like gathering all their supplies, cleaning vases, cleaning roses, etc.

Here’s where the fun comes in! Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s are design days! This is where the clients dreams and ideas collide with Cathy’s imagination, creating the most beautiful floral arrangements!

Saturday’s are busy days! They start early packing and loading the van. The day is usually spent delivering, setting up, and sometimes full service décor which may include transfers and tear down.

And of course, throughout these weeks there are meetings, proposals, and paperwork squeezed in between all the hard work her business has to offer!

Five key words that describe your work?: Quality product, creative, dependable, knowledgeable, passionate.  

Just like many other wedding professionals and well, people like you and I, Cathy’s ritual before starting her days is simply:


After reading about Cathy’s transition from being a Florist to being a Wedding Planner and a Florist, we were curious to figure out what her favorite part about weddings are specifically! She claimed, “All the JOY from the wedding day!” In further description, the final product as all the planning and hard work comes together. Often times this is a team of wedding vendors and the collaboration of all of us working together!

Who doesn’t love a puppy flower crown

As mentioned before, Cathy didn’t always want to be a Florist. When she attended IU at the age of 18 her plan was to become a Physical Therapist, until she volunteered in the local PT department. She realized anything in the medical field was not for her! ( Me too Cathy, me too.) If she weren’t a florist, she would be doing something that involves working with young women, mentoring, which is what she loves to do.

When asked where she finds her inspirations, she claimed she finds a lot of inspiration and peace in nature! She has always gone to the woods to find peace and getting to travel the beautiful country on the back of a motorcycle has been inspiring to her. Not only the beauty of our country, but it gives her a lot of time to be lost in thought and plan for the future. What’s really awesome is that Cathy and her husband never travel the interstates, so riding through small towns and admiring their beautiful courthouses inspires her! She also added that, “Strong women inspire me.”

Cathy’s life isn’t all flowers though! Sunday’s are her off days put aside for her family and closest friends! Her and her husband are either on their pontoon boat on Lake Lemon, hiking, or on the motorcycle! That’s right! Your local Florist is also a Harley Davidson gal!

We asked Cathy what owning a small business means to her and why she loves it, because of course, we LOVE supporting small businesses!

“I used to say I got out of retail because I was tired of working 80 hour weeks at holidays. I laugh, because now I work many 80-hour weeks! However, owning my own business has allowed me the flexibility to schedule family time and trips. My husband is now retired since 2014 and we have taken several 5-week road trips on his Harley each summer. We block that time off each year in my calendar.”

Overall, most of her 2020 has been spent with her husband and dog on the boat with a fishing pole and a good book!

Of note, Cathy’s favorite place to eat in her community is DeAngelo’s or the Porthole on Lake Lemon!

We are sad that in 2021, Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings has two coordination/planning jobs on the calendar and then they are retiring that side of the business. The good news is that they will be going full-on to concentrating on the floral side of the business. Cathy does a ton of work for IU and Ivy Tech events, and during the pandemic she has been very successful with a pivot to “porch deliveries.” Go Cathy!!

Cathy’s free spirit and adventurous lifestyle has given Bloomington some life and excitement through flowers! I could go on and on about the pleasures and success I have had with working with Cathy and gaining a lifelong friend! If you’re looking for some of the most eye catching flower arrangements, be sure to reach out to Cathy! You will not regret it!

Of course, Cathy’s studio is on Lake Lemon, and she loves to have couples come out to the studio by appointment! Be sure to call or text: 812.327.9794, or email cateeters@yahoo.com to schedule your meeting with Cathy!

Here's how to get in touch with Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings and Events!

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