Photography Spotlight in Bloomington, Indiana!

So, guys! We’ve started a new monthly activity where we feature a vendor on our blog for our “Vendor Spotlight” series! How exciting is that, getting to know the most amazing wedding professionals and why they do what they do?!

First up, we have Blue Lace Wedding Photography, LLC. We had the pleasure of working with this amazing bunch back in September of this year (2020) and even watched them edit some wedding photos and work their magic. Their creativity and eye for detail made these photos outstanding! Check a few out below:

Established in July of 2017, starting Blue Lace Wedding Photography came from a discovery of the need to shift focus to wedding photography from their individual photography journeys. Danielle and Kristin both realized how fulfilling it is to photograph meaningful moments and were drawn to the expression of love shared between each couple at weddings. Hence, Blue Lace was born!

Both Danielle and Kristin have a deep internal need to be artistically expressive and have had a fascination with photographs since they held their first cameras! Their passion for photography grew exponentially as their nuclear family expanded. Many years were spent providing family, lifestyle, and newborn photography until eventually transitioning to weddings.

What sets this dynamic duo apart from the rest? Their core values motivate each decision they make.

“We Couldn’t rest at night knowing we didn’t put our full hearts into each experience, gallery, and product. At times it doesn’t seem realistic to give our clients as much attention as we want; this is where the dynamics of our team become indispensable. Separately, what we offer is incredible, but together what we provide is unprecedented. We fill in the gaps of each other’s weaknesses and support each other’s strengths. Our teamwork and connection with one another sets us apart from the industry standard of hiring various subcontractors to second shoot wedding days.”

A typical work day for Danielle and Kristin consists of shooting in the field or many hours in front of a computer (the behind-the-scenes that is often forgotten!). With 6 kids collectively, ranging from 1 to 14 in age (whew!), I’m sure you can imagine the hand they play in keeping local coffee shops open! Owning a small business allows them to forgo depleting careers for a fulfilling work life. They love satisfying their inner artists and creating meaningful connections with their community.

Five key words that describe your work?: Moody, emotive, unexpected, refreshing, crisp.

And in case you didn’t know, many wedding industry professionals have “rituals” before starting their work day! Here’s the gal’s:

“Our wedding day rituals begin approximately 24 hours before an event. We have a long drawn-out process we follow each time to ensure we are mentally and physically prepared. From drinking water to printing lists, collecting snacks to charging batteries, these rituals allow us to expect the best but prepare for the worst!”

We found out that Danielle and Kristin’s favorite part about what they do is walking away from so many events feeling like their families just grew. Nothing is more rewarding than the connections they experience. When asked about their favorite part of weddings specifically, they said “The cake! What else are we there for?!” Okay, just kidding. Their favorite part about weddings is witnessing the full scope of someone’s story. As photographers, they get to be present for moments so special that guests, wedding parties, best friends, and even family members don’t always see. “There’s something truly indescribable about that privilege.”

Danielle and Kristin had lives that were pulling them to office jobs, but their hearts have always meandered. If they weren’t photographers, they would be pursuing something to satisfy their artist souls and wanderlust! Their biggest inspiration is always the present moment. “Watching a love story unfold in front of us is moving.”

On their days off, they like to spend time with friends and family eating tacos or wings and sitting around bonfires. They love eating and shopping locally as well! Boutiques, mom and pop shops, locally owned restaurants. That’s their favorite part about visiting a new town!

This nerdy pair is full of compassion and talent, reading each other’s minds and getting mixed up all the time because they look alike!

“Wedding photography has given us a true purpose beyond our families, and we could not be more grateful for each of our couples.”

Ya’ll, we can’t say enough amazing things about this team! If you’re looking for a truly memorable experience with fantabulous photos to look at for a lifetime, reach out to Danielle and Kristin! You won’t be disappointed! <3

Here's how to get in touch with Blue Lace Wedding Photography!

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