The Planning Prerogative Unleashed!

We’re starting a new blog today. How exciting is that! So, Sincerely Yours Weddings and Events started a blog a few months back. But now, after partnering with the oh-so-amazing Premier Events, we are combining and moving up in the world. Hence, The Planning Prerogative is born!

With that said, welcome to our blog! We hope you’ll find something interesting and of value here as you browse around! We have lots of fun things to read about, from weddings and events to vendor spotlights to just a bunch of our personal, crazy experiences! Our hope is that you will get to know us, but that we might also get to know you some day! The best part about our career is that we get to meet so many people on every different walk of life and make new friends after all is said and done!

To get started, here’s a little more about us and what we do!

This is us! See our “About Us” page to learn more about us individually. We (Michele and Christina) teamed up in the middle of 2020 (great time to start and grow, during a pandemic, am I right?!) and we’ve hit the ground running. We are so excited to launch a company that has a passion for community growth and prosperity, a love of love (for lack of a better description!), and an all-around obsession with entrepreneurship! With Christina on top of logistics, and Michele’s knack for detail, we are the perfect combination for all things planning.

We feel as though we have so much to offer the community, and the world, that we just can’t keep it to ourselves any longer. We put together The Planning Prerogative as a way for couples to find helpful information on wedding planning, clients to grab ideas for their next event, and just to get to know you all and see what you’re up to!

We’ll be writing about tons of stuff from wedding planning tips to event themes and strategies. We’re starting a tradition of featuring a new vendor each month on our “Vendor Spotlight” blog category, and I’ll even be posting just some everyday life stuff! Be sure to leave us a message, what you love, what you maybe don’t love so much, and what you’d like to hear about!!

We are so happy to be here and can’t wait to get to know you! If we can help even just a few couples out there, then we’ve achieved an amazing task. We thrive on happiness and love and we are so excited to continue sharing that with all of you!

Don’t forget to join us on YouTube at The Planning Prerogative as well!

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