A Walk In The Wilds

One Happily Married Couple, Brooke and Justin, at The Wilds Wedding Venue in Bloomington, Indiana

It has been such a blessing having Brooke and Justin in the Sincerely Yours Family! Like so many in 2020, their day was postponed and they were faced with the challenge of moving their celebration to later on in the year. COVID-19 has put such a huge wrench in the wedding industry in just a few short months, but rest assured, love isn’t cancelled!

Justin proposed on August 24, 2018. We were sitting outside on our back patio talking about life and enjoying a fire in our fire pit. He rushed in at one point, rushed back out, and the next thing I knew he was on his knee asking me to marry him. It was not an over-the-top proposal, but it was oh so perfect for us! We spend many nights on our back patio talking about all sorts of things in life, so that felt so perfect for him to ask during one of those nights.

Brooke (Bride)

Their original date being May 2nd, 2020, Brooke and Justin’s color pallet consisted of navy and white with pops of yellow and light blue throughout. Once they found out they would have to choose a later date, we re-booked at The Wilds and they got hitched officially at the courthouse on June 8th. Then began the re-planning process, keeping with the clean, timeless look that the couple wanted for their wedding.

When asked what moment Brooke was most looking forward to on her wedding day, she said:

“I was most looking forward to actually saying ‘I do’ since we didn’t get that experience at the courthouse. Professing my love for my husband in front of our closest family and friends meant the world to me!”

Finally, the [new] day came when Brooke and Justin got to say “I do” with those most important to them by their side! September 25th was a magical day with perfect weather and an amazing celebration! From the amazing dinner provided by First Class Catering, to the beautiful flowers throughout from Cathy Teeters Beautiful Weddings and Design Studio, Brooke and Justin and those celebrating with them danced (and yes, karaoke’ d) the night away!

I’m looking forward to the continued love and laughter that Justin brings to my life. We have so much fun together and usually in the most random of circumstances. we are all about experiences together, so we look forward to having each other to continue to experience new life adventures by one another’s side.

Brooke (Bride)

50 Years From Now…

Justin will be getting “the look” from me while I’m secretly dying of laughter inside. I know it’s very early in our marriage, but we truly feel like we have found our persons. Our relationship is so easy and so comfortable, I know we will have our bumps along the way, but we truly believe we will last a lifetime. So, at the end of the day, 50 years from now, Justin and I will still be loving and supporting each other like we have from day one, hopefully in a forever home we have built together!

Brooke (Bride)

It’s couples like Brooke and Justin, moment’s like these, that I live for in this world. Nothing gives me more feels than seeing the joy and happiness on the couples face, the family, and the friends that celebrate with them! I continue to learn in this industry, and hope I never stop learning and growing, so that I can be the best rock, listener, stress reliever and shoulder to lean on for my couples during this huge milestone in their lives!

Brooke says: “The biggest piece of advice I can give you is two things: Go with what feels right to you and don’t worry about what everyone else will think and lean on your planner to help make those tough calls (they have seen it all). The day of my wedding was the absolute best day of my life because I knew I could relax and enjoy the day, and could lean on Christina to take on the details (she did absolutely fantastic by the way). If you can let yourself not worry about the things that might not go right and just enjoy your day, it will be such a fantastic and memorable experience!”

And here’s what she had to say about Sincerely Yours (Thank you so much, Brooke, for your kind, loving words!): “I reached out to a few different wedding planners when I began thinking about the planning process. Christina (Sincerely Yours) was the only response I received. All of the others I had to follow up with. When I met Christina for the first time, she made me feel so at ease and something just clicked with her. I walked away knowing she would be planning my wedding. I felt after just a few meetings that I had gained a new friend, not just a wedding planner. She truly cared about me/my husband, and making our wedding the best day possible for us.”

Brooke and Justin incorporated elements into their wedding that were so important to them. Justin’s father and stepfather have both passed away, and so they shared photos of both of them because they played such important roles in his life. Brooke doesn’t have any living grandparents, but she tied her grandma’s and great grandma’s handkerchiefs to her bouquet which felt really special! They also used the champagne flutes that her parents used at their wedding 41 years ago!

And of course the cake (and cupcakes) that Icing on the Cake by Kristina crafted just for Justin and Brooke was nothing short of amazing! I may have eaten two (or six) that night!

I’ll never forget Brooke coming up to me at the wedding and exclaiming that she was having the time of her life! That is the greatest gift a planner can ask for, knowing that your bride and groom are making a night of beautiful memories that they will be able to share forever. And we can’t forget the amazing Abra with A Gift Of Today Photography, who captured all of these memories for us to look back on!

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